Trending Wig Styles for 2024

Trending Wig Styles for 2024

In the summer, many women will go with short hair styles to be more comfortable in the higher temps or to take a break from time intensive styling routines. Some women will go with protective hairstyles to give their hair a break to grow or to get healthier. Interesting fact: human hair grows up to 10% faster during the summer than seasons with colder weather. Whichever route you go, you don't have to be locked into the limitations of your current length or style. You can participate in current style and color trends with wigs!

A little excursion on the internet, visiting hair and style reviewers, critics, and influencers revealed the following.

Trending hairstyles and wigs

2024's trending styles include:

Bobs and Blunt Bobs

Undercut styles with long waves on top

Pixie styles with curly tops

Pixie styles with S-waves

Baby Mullet (or the Kelly style)

Longer hair with layers

Kinky curly headband style wigs

Body Wave lace front

Curly middle part

Short Wavy styles

Trending colors
  • Platinum Blonde - predicted to be the frontrunner in its various shades, particularly in Pixie cuts and other short styles.
  • Ash Blonde
  • Copper - ranging from a light shade, to Cowboy Copper, Copper Red, and Copper Brown
  • Warm Ginger
  • Burgundy
  • Jet Black
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Balayage across the various shades of "natural colors", as well as vibrant "non-natural" colors such as green, purple, blue, red, etc., as the highlights.

You can find out more about what is trending and see what they look like by conducting your own search online by include "trending" and "2024" on Google, YouTube, and other platforms. Have fun!

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Great for Summer, this is an easy, low maintenance wig with great color!

This glueless wig is great for summer because you don’t need to use glue or put any product in your hair to wear it. Just braid your hair down for an easy to wear, low maintenance look.


Both of these recommendations are trending styles and colors with the added plus of being low muss and fuss.

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